3 thoughts on “I did not become”

  1. Indeed? Compassion is wasted on chickens; I have just enough experience of the creatures to have seen this for myself.

    I forget who it was that said there are animals stupider than chickens and there are animals more malicious than chickens, but not even Man can beat them on a combined point score.

  2. People who are devoted to preventing animal cruelty do it because it hurts them to think that animals are being abused.

    • That’s nice, though not always true: Orwell remarks somewhere or other how an exaggerated concern for animals often goes with a callous attitude towards human beings – and in some cases, I would add, one can legitimately wonder which came first. But it’s radically irrelevant. Chickens abuse one another by nature; they are very cruel birds, as anyone can confirm by two minutes’ study of the origins of the phrase ‘pecking order’. Of all the animals whose welfare Singer could have professed to care about, chickens were about the worst example he could have chosen. The question is not whether chickens will be abused, but merely whether humans will take any part in the process one way or the other.

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