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I Enjoy Self-Publishing

7 July 2019

I enjoy self-publishing and sending publishers rejection letters. They’re like, ‘Who is this guy?’ And I’m like, ‘the end of your industry.’

~ Ryan Lilly


3 Comments to “I Enjoy Self-Publishing”

  1. Yes !

    Yes !

  2. I did this once. It felt GREAT.

    The tale is this: I got an unsolicited e-mail from an agent I’d never heard of, and certainly never submitted to, saying that they were sorry but they couldn’t represent my work.

    A devil took possession of me.

    I wrote an e-mail back. “I’m sorrier than you. Truth is, I’ve had a really terrible week at the day job, and I’m just not set up to accept unsolicited rejections at this time. They just don’t fit into my publishing program.

    “Therefore from today I will consider XYZ Agency my agent of record, and will expect your standard agency contract in return mail. A nice selection of quality chocolate would also be nice.”

    It felt good…

  3. Which reminded me of this goodie:

    “Why do you get 9 out of my 10 dollars?”


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