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I Want to Lose Myself in an Epic Series This Spring

13 April 2019

From The Guardian:

Q: I am keen to get lost this spring in a long, epic series of books. What can you recommend? (I loved both The Lord of the Rings and Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan novels, for example). 

. . . .

A: Author and critic Amanda Craig, whose latest novel, The Lie of the Land, is published by Abacus, writes:
Whether it has swords and dragons or gangsters and husbands, the feeling of entering an alternative reality is something we all need. Fantasy and realism are not mutually exclusive. The demands are the same.

. . . .

What we seek in the best epics is what we have always found: a heightened sense of life’s struggle, the consolations of justice, the fidelity of friends and a wonderful story.

You may already be familiar with Ursula le Guin’s Earthsea novels, where magic is controlled through language. These are among the finest ever written, being, at one level, about a young man’s adventure into manhood, and, at another, about the artist’s quest for mastery.

Less familiar, perhaps, is Sebastien de Castell’s Greatcoats quartet, concerning a band of fighting magistrates now working as mercenaries in the land of Tristia. Funny, fast paced and romantic, and the narrator Falcio is wholly beguiling.

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2 Comments to “I Want to Lose Myself in an Epic Series This Spring”

  1. Just finished reading C.J. Cherry’s, 19 book, Foreigner series again. It is a set of story arcs over three books per arc. I would read through the three books, and read the third book again before moving on to the next. It took me two months to get through the books, reading well past my bedtime even though I’d read the same book the day before.

    So when these people babble about “Epic Series” covering a handful of short novels, I have to laugh.

    • Congratulations one of my favourite authors (though you did miss out her second h). And there are plenty of other – if shorter – of her series to move onto next, or to start with if 19 books is too intimidating.

      Whilst I have most of her works as paperbacks I’m annoyed that they are not all available as e-books (much my preferred way of reading fiction) and that even for those published in e-book form on Amazon availability seems to be limited to USA & Canada. I do have Merchanter’s Luck as a UK e-book but this is no longer for sale and, to tell the truth, I suspect it may be a pirated version that somehow got onto the system. I also suspect that this lack of e-book versions is some rights related problem with a publisher who doesn’t care about authors.

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