5 thoughts on “If you are lucky enough”

  1. He got that right. Because I was such a young man, living and working in Paris in my early 20s. So today, when I read about Notre Dame burning or lockdowns restarting, a little piece of me cries.

  2. Given the sanitation practices (or lack thereof) in a lot of Parisian restaurants, “movable feast” isn’t a uniformly positive thing…

    … nor is an endorsement from Hemingway. (<snark> The Lost Generation should have either stayed lost or become the Lost Generation. &lt/snark>)

    My time in Paris was mid-20s, with my surname showing on my four-button jacket with the funky metal buttons and the bars on my shoulders. Which led to Problems for a variety of reasons, including that my abysmal French had a clear regional accent…

    • You just don’t have a true French stomach, C.

      It must be a result of not challenging it with day old oysters or something like that.

      • It wasn’t my stomach at risk. I’ve “dined” at tribal feasts in Southwest Asia.

        Some of my colleagues, however… including the guy from Rennes who ended up with, umm, multiorifice post-meal consequences (go ahead, think about the awful multilingual pun that I had to explain to him in yet another language because his English was so poor, my French was so poor, and we were speaking German as our common tongue)…

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