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If you have problems with comment moderation

24 September 2018

Like many blog proprietors, PG uses a spam filter to avoid a lot of irrelevant and annoying cluttering of the TPV comment stream.

When PG just checked the comment spam folder, he found a comment that began with, “Love the oil content on your site!”

Occasionally, legitimate comments end up on the spam folder. If you believe that has happened to you and you’re not trying to post oil content, contact PG through the Contact Page and he’ll attempt to remedy the problem.

TPV is set up to hold the first comment by a visitor for moderation by PG. Once a comment is approved, that user (identified by username and email) should be able to post comments without any moderation.

As PG has mentioned before, he believes the comments are the best part of TPV and he welcomes your ideas and observations.

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