Illicit Login Attempts

Like many websites, TPV uses a variety of plugins to protect the site from hackers.

Here’s a partial report from one of the plugins about the geographical location of the source of attempts to hack into the sacred halls of TPV during the past week.

8 thoughts on “Illicit Login Attempts”

  1. Cloudflare occasionally blocks me from viewing TPV. If I then close NordVPN I get right to the site.

    This hasn’t happened in the last week, but since the beginning of May it has happened three times approximately. It happens more at night than during the day (US).

  2. Way to go, Germany! Performing at a much higher level (blocked count per blocked IP) than the competition.

    Honestly, I wonder how that level of blocking compares with other sites. Is this overall blocking and hacking attempts similar to that seen at other comparable sites?

  3. Of course ‘some’ of those US attacks could be from elsewhere using VPNs to hide their true colors. The downside of any tool is that it can be used for things you don’t like.

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