5 thoughts on “Immaturity”

  1. By this definition all politicians are immature…
    …and a lot of corporate types…
    …along with teachers, librarians, investors, the married…
    …and, in fact, pretty much everybody.

    • I believe that Kant meant the complete incapacity (“complete” actually is an unnecessary qualifier for “incapacity”).

      Of course, the opposite is also a sign of immaturity – the incapacity to ever seek the guidance of another.

      The first is a trait of the compliant follower, the second is a trait of many leaders.

      (So, in a way, you are quite correct – for most people, some of the time.)

      • I should’ve added a winkie. 😉

        Context matters, no?
        And many snappy quotes only work within a specific context.
        Like “lies, damn, lies, and statistics.”

        Btw, it’s not just leaders who refuse to consult others before barreling ahead.
        The self-absorbed arecalso defined thus. After all, they already know the correct path so why waste time looking at alternatives? 😀

        • ‘Btw, it’s not just leaders who refuse to consult others before barreling ahead.’

          You’re damn skippy.

          Back in the 1960s, my father spent a week’s wages to buy my mother a set of newfangled non-stick saucepans. She, of course, loved them when she got them, but not for long. Soon she told him she never wanted to see such a pan again, because it had taken her two days of non-stop labour to scrape off all the nasty goo inside them.

          That’s right. She scraped off the non-stick coating and complained about having to do it. My mother was constitutionally incapable of consulting anyone about anything, and when the fit took her, she had a marvellous faculty for inventing ways to do things wrong.

          • Ouch.
            At least it didn’t qualify her for a Darwin Award.
            Those folk are legion, both qualifiers and winners.

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