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  1. I read somewhere that this factor was why there was more women in STEM in America a few generations ago, before the feminist movement in the 60s, and why you still have more women in STEM in repressive countries. The point being that smart women did STEM because you either had the right answer or you didn’t, and no matter how misogynist your boss might be, he can’t deny that 2+2 = 4. And in STEM objective reality is supposed to be more important than the person who gives the answer.

    It’s funny that Norm MacDonald is the one quoted here, because for me he unwittingly reinforced the lesson that “objective facts matters more than the messenger.” He was the first person I ever heard mention “gain of function,” in an online discussion about covid in the early days of 2020 during the lockdowns. “Gain of function, my friends!” he kept saying.

    Initially I was skeptical that a comedian would know anything about medical research. After he died it was obvious MacDonald had a compelling reason to educate himself. Didn’t hurt that later his claims were vindicated. Funny guy, and I’m gonna miss his voice if they continue making “The Orville.”

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