It’s complicated and sometimes you have to break the rules

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From Publetariat:

One of the nice things about NaNo is that even if you are a socially awkward wannabe writer dealing with medical issues, you can still meet cool people that you have at least something in common with. Topics of conversation are built right in! What are you working on? How many words? How many NaNos? Even I can’t screw it up much!

For me, NaNo is a bunch of positives. I get to focus on a creative project for myself! But I also use this time to focus on what writing skills I need to improve on. Totally against the NaNo code! Such a rebel!

I have found that lots of people use this time the way that they need to. Finishing up stories, starting new ones, and even *gasp* editing. Last year I focused on creating dialogue as that was something I was not comfortable with.

. . . .

This year I am facing a bigger fear. Blogging. I have a hard time writing posts and putting them out there.

I am not sure what my fear is. Ok, that is a lie, I know exactly what my fear is and I will spare you the deep introspective for now. Being a follower of the lizard brain theory I know that when the primitive section of my brain tells me not to do something because of a vague fear, then it is probably something I should face and culture.

So here I am. Facing fear and forcing myself to grow. By blogging….  I guess it sounds really silly when it is put that way. But that is what happens when we don’t face the issues that hold us back. Forcing yourself to deal with your lizard brain (but be kind) will put the issue in perspective.

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PG notes that one of the characteristics of the internet is that there is such a flood of information, sometimes he doesn’t notice when he hasn’t heard from someone for a while.

When he first started TPV, PG tapped Publetariat for items on a regular basis. When the OP popped up on one of his feedreaders and he clicked through, he was reminded that he hadn’t visited the site for a long time.

PG doesn’t know if he has a lizard brain or not. Perhaps the most primitive section of his brain has been handed down from Attila the Hun or it could still be comprised of a single-cell life-form who misses his buddies in the swamp.

Whatever his subconscious is doing, PG still enjoys putting together TPV and, if it becomes no fun, he will probably stop and go looking for a swamp.

2 thoughts on “It’s complicated and sometimes you have to break the rules”

  1. When the OP popped up on one of his feedreaders and he clicked through,

    Speaking of aggregators, I noticed that feedly planted an app on my machine that runs in background from startup to shutdown, eating resources. Not happy about that. My aggregator has become an aggravater.

    Does anyone out there use an aggregator that does not do this? Please let me know. Thank you.

  2. Do your own thing, PG! But I admit I’d miss your thoughts if you crawled off to a swamp. 🙂

    I’m not afraid of blogging, I just hate doing it. And I really need to, since I have a book coming out later this month. Not that anyone looks at my long-forgotten blog these days. At least I got the website updated!

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