James Daunt, Fearless Leader, a Continuing Saga

PG just learned that James Daunt had a video interview with an editor at Publishing Perspectives on October 14, four days after the first announcement PG saw of the Barnes & Noble Crash of 2020, in connection with the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Due to firewalls for publications PG doesn’t necessarily want to pay to read, PG hasn’t been able to access any details of what Daunt may or may not have said about the Barnes & Noble computer crash. He hasn’t seen any third-party reports based on the interview that provide much detail.

However, PG speculates that, had Daunt been asked about the Barnes & Noble computer crash that, among other things, took down BN’s Nook business and reportedly locked up Nook readers in many places, Daunt’s response would have been newsworthy enough to show up somewhere PG can access.

PG speculates that, perhaps, the interviewer didn’t know about the BN crash, the interviewer was told before the interview that the crash was a no-go zone, Daunt’s comments about the crash were off the record, the interviewer asked Daunt about the crash and Daunt replied with the British equivalent of “No Comment” or something else entirely.

PG continues to be puzzled by the apparent lack of any public comment by Daunt about a major problem Barnes & Noble experienced.

Barnes & Noble is no longer a public company, having been acquired and taken private by an investment group, so it doesn’t have the legal obligation to disclose information about a problem that would have sent the public company’s stock into a steep decline.

Here’s some pure speculation on PG’s part.

Repeat – Pure speculation with no secret factual basis:

Perhaps Daunt is in hot water with the current owners of Barnes & Noble or was in hot water even before the crash due to Barnes & Noble’s performance, and has decided to keep silent or had been ordered to keep silent by his bosses.

End of pure speculation.

PG is a lawyer, not a reporter. He usually waits for news to come to him via various email subscriptions, persistent Google searches, tips, etc.

If any visitors to TPV see anything online, have any reliable information, etc., about what has, at least for PG, has become a more and more puzzling response by Barnes & Noble to a really big problem, he would appreciate hearing about them in the comments to this post or via the Contact link up toward the top of the blog.

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  1. I speculate that Daunt figures that the less about this that appears in the media, the better, at least for him.

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