KDP Access Issues

PG is working on access issues to KDP.

These began last night and during his interactions with KDP support, he thinks he was transferred to CreateSpace support. He’s not certain why they are two different groups of support people.

The Createspace support person was very conscientious and got PG an unlock code for an ID/email that was clearly his, but wasn’t the usual ID he used for KDP – it had one extra character. He thought he might have used the provided ID for some related purpose with KDP and forgotten about it, but was happy to get a reset code via email.

After resetting, these slightly-different credentials got him into a time-warped collection of Mrs. PG’s books with older covers. However, none of Mrs. PG’s more recent titles were there. It was a bit like a setup for The Twilight Zone.

PG thinks he remembers that KDP and Createspace used to have different logins – you went to Createspace to do indie POD books and KDP to do indie ebooks. He suspects the place he ended up had an archive of Mrs. PG’s POD books at the time the Createspace and KDP processes were combined. All the publication dates were from 2012-13, before Mrs. PG’s revised covers were added and no ebook versions were present, although there were links that offered the opportunity to either link to create a Kindle ebook or link to an existing ebook.

PG has spent a lot of time trying to understand what his various and sundry KDP logins do and documented the strangeness for a second discussion with KDP support.

Posts will continue to be a bit scanty until PG figures this all out or he hears Rod Serling’s voice.


1 thought on “KDP Access Issues”

  1. I know what you mean.

    Rod Serling and I are old friends. He shows up now and then to make comments and observations.

    I just wish that he wouldn’t smoke in my house. HA!

    An example:

    I just read Edward Snowden’s book, Permanent Record, and posted a review on the Amazon product page. It took them days to release the comment. I suspect that they thought I was writing about some other book. Here’s what I said:

    Beautiful love story

    Beautiful book, well written. I need to read it again many times to capture the feel of the prose. I wish I could write with such clarity.

    I think that my comment was earnest and heartfelt, and captured the essence of the book. Even Rod Serling was puzzled at the delay, suggesting all sorts of reasons.

    BTW, he’s not that tall in person. I’m six feet tall now. When he first showed up I was a little kid, and he was a giant.

    I can still smell the secondhand smoke from his latest visit. Huh.

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