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Keiler v. Harlequin – Amicus Brief

1 October 2013

Keiler v. Harlequin is a lawsuit by Harlequin authors against Harlequin for actions by the publisher that resulted in massive underpayment of royalties to authors for ebooks. Some authors report receiving as little as six cents in royalties for sales of each of their ebooks by Harlequin

PG won’t bore you with the history of this case, but Romance Writes of America and The Authors Guild have filed what is called an amicus brief with the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

If you skip down to page 7 of the PDF (page 2 according to the brief’s page numbering) to Summary of the Argument, you’ll get to the meat of the filing.

Thanks to Julie for the tip.

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Big Publishing, Ebooks, Romance, Royalties

3 Comments to “Keiler v. Harlequin – Amicus Brief”

  1. Theft.

  2. thanks PG

    authors guild has good legal mind on the Amicus, and RWA is right on.

    I’m interested to know the names of the persons at the top of Harlequin who engineered such a pillage of authors.

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