1 thought on “Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing”

  1. Never saw that trailer before.

    What’s ironic, is that the actor also played Johnny Storm, The Human Torch, in the last Fantastic Four. Talk about being a “Fire man”.

    I’m so ambivalent about the newest version.

    Bradbury wrote a play expanding the story. He had the fire-chief also have a library, but he didn’t read the books. The crime was reading the books, not owning them.

    I’ve read close to 10,000 books, so how dangerous does that make me.

    What’s ironic, is that I use that dangerous knowledge and no one notices, because no one is paying attention. So few people actually read and comprehend what they read. So many people react based on their “Monkey Mind”, the unconscious mind, rather than conscious thought, thus are so easily lead.

    BTW, You can tell that I made the mistake of watching the news during lunch. The Capitol riot videos hit too close to home.

    I haven’t been paying attention to current events, my Tea Cup is overflowing. I have noticed that the Trolls and Sock-puppets have been stranger than usual. You can tell that they have new orders, and they are uncomfortable with them.

    All I can say is:

    Don’t Be a Sucker

    I have books to write.

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