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Kobo Teams With Andre On Translations

15 February 2014

From Publishers Weekly:

Author Bella Andre has struck a deal with Kobo that will give the e-bookseller exclusive rights to the French translation of some of her titles for a three month period. The agreement is part of what Andre told PW is part of a new effort to do more translations of her books rather than license rights to overseas publishers.

In the Kobo deal, the company will get a three-month window to titles in Andre’s five volume Four Weddings and a Fiasco series written under her Lucy Kevin pen name. The titles will be published through the Kobo Writing Life self-publishing platform and the first book, The Wedding Gift (Le Cadeau) is now available. Andre said that in teaming with Kobo, the company helped with the French translations. After the three month exclusive period following the release of each title, Andre can then distribute the French language e-books on all retailer sites for all devices, make POD paperbacks of the French translations, and release French audiobooks.

Link to the rest at Publishers Weekly and thanks to Anthea for the tip.

Passive Guy says this is refreshing change from contracts that last for the life of the copyright.

Self-Publishing, The Business of Writing

11 Comments to “Kobo Teams With Andre On Translations”

  1. “Passive Guy says this is refreshing change from contracts that last for the life of the copyright.”

    It certainly is. And it seems like a smart deal for both parties.

  2. That has win written all over it.

  3. I especially like that it’s a limited exclusive — it won’t annoy readers. Plus, she might be able to advertise on the other sites that the books are coming and “sign up for a reminder” or “pre-order now.”

    • In general I don’t think Amazon for example allows self published books to pre-order. I don’t know if she’s set a small press up though that would be allowed. She’s huge so they would be foolish not to allow her.

  4. Since it’s Kobo doing this, and not Amazon, it shouldn’t bring out all the rants about the evils of exclusivity from Mark Coker and other Amazon exclusivity critics. The limited time frame and the fact it is off in some strange foreign realm should help too.

    If it had been Amazon then I’d be prepared to see links to a rant in the Guardian or Melville house’s blog soon.

  5. C’est formidable! Trois mois… fantastique.

  6. Brilliant! Congrats to Bella and to Kobo. This is a smart, innovative deal and I hope it’s a huge success.

    Yet another example of a major ebook retailer offering innovative thinking and contracts… while the Big 5 continue to offer the same old “industry standard.”

  7. Sounds like a good deal. But it would be interesting to know more details, like what “the company helped with the French translations” means or what’s in it for the translator.

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