3 thoughts on “Latest Amazon Robots”

  1. Also this:


    They’re still looking for a robot that can safely and accurately pick up a variety of objects: delicate enough for eggs, strong enough for lead weights. It’s a matter of time, though.

    Then they’ll have a dark, fully automated warehouse. No more griping over salaries or working conditions.

    • I saw that video as well, Felix. Thanks for posting it.

      I suspect that Amazon might start the fully-automated packaging/boxing machine with something like standard trade paperback books – similar dimensions, only varying in the number of pages, then work up from there.

      Ultimately, I agree that we are looking at fully-automated warehouses. Maybe dark most of the time with the lights coming on occasionally so video cameras can see if something fell off the line that didn’t show up on the system’s built-in sensors.

      Once again, the guy in the OP has clearly never worked in a warehouse. What Amazon workers do all day is no worse (and in many cases, better) than what non-Amazon warehouse workers around the country and world do every day.

      Give the guy in the OP or a disgruntled Amazon warehouse worker a tour around any meat processing plant where live animals come in one end and packaged meat comes out the other and Amazon is going to look like heaven.

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