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Life Without Google

9 February 2019

13 Comments to “Life Without Google”

  1. Another auto-run …

    Didn’t have the headphones on so no harm. 😉

  2. I’m stunned.


  3. Much easier to learn to use technology. When YOU need it, not for everything.

    I can’t imagine giving up the search functions, but I use them from Firefox with Adblock from the desktop.

    Of course, I don’t get out much!

  4. Desmond X. Torres

    Hmmm…. It’s 9:27 pm by my clock… and I’m just the second commenter? We got THIS owned, this fast? OMG, this is such an idea for a book.
    After I post this, Imma goin to Gizmodo to bookmark the whole series.

    Thanks for the public service PG…

  5. I thought the “Big 5” was FAANG or Facebook-Apple-Amazon-Netflix-Google? Has that changed? The thumbnail displays a prominent Apple logo and somewhere in the video she takes her iPhone, eliminates Google maps and…replaces it with an Apple product? Huh?

    • If it’s the same writer (I read the week 6 article and haven’t seen any videos), she did a 6 week experiment. For the first five weeks, she only eliminated one of the “Big Five” at a time, and then for week six she eliminated all of them at once.

  6. The autoplay on this story was quite annoying, especially since it began playing long before I scrolled down to finally see the video screen, where I could shut it off. Then, when I came over here to post this complaint, it started up again.
    Wow. Firefox played it automatically. Interesting.

  7. This was an interesting story. I’ve been following her articles through the series. She also tried to quit Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple, and will be trying to quit all five at once for the sixth week of the series.

  8. There’s just a blank space in my browser. I figured it was some kind of “Google rules the internet” joke.

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