Light Blogging

PG will be occupied in a pastime that will require time away from the TPV keyboard tomorrow, Monday, and the next day.

He doubts that the pastime will kill or maim him, so he expects to be back in fine fettle thereafter.


in American English
Word forms: ˈfettled or ˈfettling

to put in order or readiness; arrange

to line or cover (the hearth of a puddling furnace) with fettling


condition of body and mind
in fine fettle


Word origin
ME fetlen, to make ready, prob. < OE fetel, belt (akin to feter, fetter), confused with fætel, container < fæt, vat

in British English

VERB (transitive)

  • to remove (excess moulding material and casting irregularities) from a cast component
  • to line or repair (the walls of a furnace)

British dialect

a. to prepare or arrange (a thing, oneself, etc), esp to put a finishing touch to
b. to repair or mend (something)


state of health, spirits, etc (esp in the phrase in fine fettle)

Word origin
C14 (in the sense: to put in order): back formation from fetled girded up, from Old English fetel belt

2 thoughts on “Light Blogging”

  1. Thank you for the heads up, PG.

    “…doubts that the pastime will kill or maim…” Hmm. Well, zip lining is a relatively safe pastime (lower injury rate than driving to the local movie theater). Whatever, I hope you are having fun!

    • Considering the date, maybe the “pastime” is filling out tax forms? 😉
      (Been there, done that.)

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