Light Blogging Today

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PG needs a bit of a break from his usual daily activities and won’t be posting as much as usual today.

He expects the break will help him recharge his pandemically-drained batteries a bit and will return to blogging with somewhat enhanced zest and verve.

Although he doesn’t usually talk much about personal matters here, he will mention that he is scheduled for his second of two doses of anti-Covid vaccine this coming Friday and is very much looking forward to being released from house arrest a few days thereafter.

Although he has been cooped up with Mrs. PG, his favorite person in the world, PG is looking forward to re-engaging with the larger meat-space world on a more frequent basis. He probably knew this before, but he will appreciate his interactions with friends, neighbors and the local physical society to a greater extent than he has in the past as a result of his isolation from them for an extended period of time.

That said, he must also acknowledge that the technology-supported interactions with those who comment on TPV and occasionally interact with him via email have been and will continue to be appreciated to a greater extent than they were before this enforced isolation from the larger physical world.

Thanks to all those who contribute to the conversations here.

4 thoughts on “Light Blogging Today”

  1. Glad to have been of whatever tiny help I have contributed to your sanity, PG. Realize that the converse is equally true – TPV has provided a niche of normalcy to your readers, also.

    • +1000000.
      Very few sites have maintained even a shred of the civility in the comments or articles as TPV.
      Just yesterday, a baseball analytics site errupted into a 200+ comment flame war of non-game related matters after the staff writer implied the best available pitcher, whose young *female* agent had just negotiated for him an awesomely flexible (and record breaking salaries) should be unemployable (cancelled) because of his non-baseball, online antics, notably a contentious exchange with a contention fan of the female persuasion.
      Cancel culture has reached even “stathead” sports sites.
      There are fewer and fewer civil online communities every day.
      Elsewhere, absolutism and intolerance of dissent is the rule of the day.
      We need to cherish the thoughful, civil exchanges in this oasis.
      Carry on folks.

  2. BTW, good to hear you’re on the dual/dose vaccine.
    I am seriously skeptical of *all* the single dose lottery tickets, whether American, Euro, and authoritarian. The science of vaccines is *not* supportive of current single-dose vaccines, regardless of what the politically inclined mouthpieces might claim. The BBC lays out the facts:

    60% is russian roulette.
    I would suggest anybody with any influence over what they get to opt for Moderna if at all possible, Pfizer as second choice. Covid isn’t something to bet on because of the long term effects on some survivors. The sympthoms maybe flu-like but it is not influenza. Above all, protect yourselves, don’t count on others. Mask, gloves, disinfectant.

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