Locked Out

PG has used two-factor security on TPV for some time. To the best of his knowledge TPV has never been hacked. (crossed fingers)

A couple of days ago, PG decided to try out a new two-factor plugin that looked promising.

It promised security and over-delivered. It was so secure that PG must have looked suspicious so it locked him out.

PG posted a negative comment on the plugin’s website. He received a tech support email shortly thereafter, but something about it put PG off. PG isn’t going to mention the name of the plugin because the program’s misbehavior may well have been PG’s fault.

He FTP’d into the bowels of TPV, intending to pursue one of the options the plugin’s website suggested as a way of disabling the program. Perhaps PG had angered the Internet gods, but he couldn’t locate the place he was supposed to go to conduct a disablement.

TPV has been operating for a long time with nary a semblance of any spring housecleaning ever and there are a whole lot of places where PG can get lost while stumbling around with a tech brain freeze.

Finally, PG gave up on do-it-yourself and contacted tech support for Hosting Matters, the superb hosting service for TPV and a couple of additional PG-related websites and, per their usual practice, the HostingMatters tech support team saved PG’s bacon once again.

Due to a variety of his own mistakes, misconceptions and galloping stupidity, PG has used Hosting Matters’ tech support more often than he has for any other hosting service or software package he’s ever owned or licensed.

Without exception, the people there, including the owner, have been fast, helpful and polite.

Despite PG giving them ample reason to think something like, “There he goes again. Can’t he resist tinkering when everything is running just fine and TPV is operating like the precision instrument we have helped him build?” tech support fixes what is wrong, gives PG a tip or two about not breaking his website for the umpteenth time and peace once again descends on Casa PG.

PG says, “Three cheers for Hosting Matters!

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  1. It is a long-standing tenet of corporate IT that if you keep improving things enough, eventually they break.

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