2 thoughts on “Lovers of print”

  1. Possibly, but… I think the metaphor doesn’t quite work.

    Think rather than the plate, but the presentation of the food.

    Print would be like fancy cuisine, while ebooks are just good grub made at home, or at a regular restaurant.

  2. But you can go to the fanciest restaurant with the most beautiful presentation on Earth and if the chef is a hack who doesn’t know paprika from sugar the food will taste like crap. Meanwhile, across town in a food truck, a chef in a stained apron serves the Food of the Gods on a paper plate.
    I will bet that every era has had this argument: orators bemoaned those silly people writing stories on clay tablets, who, themselves, lamented papyrus as an inferior vehicle. Of course, that soulless typeset stuff could never bring the same feeling to a tale as a hand-copied masterpiece.
    There’s joy to be found in presentation and in story but without a good story the presentation is just gilding. Silk purses and sow’s ears after all. But that’s just my opinion.

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