Majority of library services ‘actively considering’ taking part in a warm bank scheme

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From The Bookseller:

The majority of library services are actively considering taking part in a “warm bank” scheme according to a recent survey carried out by charity Libraries Connected. However, only 4% expect to receive any extra funding. 

A snapshot survey of more than 50 library leaders showed 59% intend to take part in such a scheme – which allow visitors to use the facility to keep warm – while 88% plan to signpost vulnerable users to charities and other council departments and 76% plan to offer advice and information on reducing household bills, saving energy and tackling debt.

The results are presented in the charity’s new briefing note Supporting the Vulnerable This Winter, which also revealed 61% of services plan to provide additional activities such as games and crafts to keep people amused for long periods of time, while 43% plan to serve hot drinks and 39% plan to install extra desks and comfortable chairs for those using libraries to keep warm.

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“Libraries are warm, free and accessible spaces, located in our town centres, high streets and villages. As such they are ideally placed to help those most affected by the cost-of-living crisis this winter, whether that’s with a cuppa, a good book and a comfy chair or specialist debt advice. 

“A relatively small investment across the library network could have a huge impact, allowing libraries to use their local knowledge and connections to provide targeted support at this critical time.” 

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PG did a little extra research on warm banks and discovered that some UK art galleries are also expected to participate.

PG is not an expert on how this is likely to evolve in the UK, but in the US, especially in larger cities, warm banks could end up being filled with homeless people who, unfortunately, may bring other problems.

For the record, PG is in favor of programs to keep the homeless warm and fed during cold winter months (and at other times), but some of the libraries’ and galleries’ regular clientele might be a bit concerned, especially if they have children with them.

But PG could be entirely wrong.

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  1. Can’t think of a better way to reduce support for library funding. Starbucks tried the same thing, said the same thing and failed.

    “Hey, Mom, can I go to the library.”
    “No, Johnny. Go play in traffic instead.”

    • Actually, they might be chilly and furloughed from work but not in real danger.
      At last report gas reserves were at 80% with three months to go.
      They can get by by following the Carter thermostat settings and reducing industrial output. (And some fudging of emission report to hide massive lignite burning for electricity.)
      It’ll mean a recession but that is already in place.

      They would be in better shape except Spain chose *now* to annoy Algiers by backing Morroco over the old “Spanish Sahara”.

      Much like arabs, modern spain doesn’t miss any chance to miss a chance.

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