Majority of UK Shoppers Now Use Amazon

From Kam City:

New research from Mintel reveals that 86% of UK consumers shop at Amazon. And highlighting the ongoing popularity of the retail giant, the study found more Amazon shoppers have increased their shopping (21%) with the retailer than decreased it (13%) over the past year.

Overall, 70% Amazon customers shop with the retailer at least once a month, while 17% use the retailer on a weekly basis.

In terms of what’s in the basket, hardcopy media such as books, DVDs or video games (39%) remains Amazon’s most popular purchases. This is followed by electricals (30%), fashion/jewellery (30%), and toys (20%).

Meawnhile, 45% of households in the UK have some form of Amazon produced device, with Kindle (23%), Fire TV/TV Stick (16%), Fire Tablet (14%), and Echo (11%) proving the most popular.

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Meanwhile, the research confirms the popularity of Amazon’s subscription-based Prime service with 39% consumers having access to it and 26% personally being members. A further 13% share access through someone else’s account. Scaled to a national level, Mintel stated that this places Amazon Prime membership in the UK at around the 15 million mark.

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  1. But-but Amazon is evil – how can the Brits possibly do such a thing?

    Get what they want/need easier and possibly cheaper? Bad Amazon for tempting them like that!

    (While my other window has the Amazon order I’m trying to make sure I’m ordering everything I need this time … 😉 )

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