4 thoughts on “Man is the only animal”

    • You know, Crows are smarter than tbe average congressperson.
      They don’t need teleprompters to communicate or handlers to make decisions.

      “Can learn simple life skills and employment tasks with special education. May be employed in special settings, and achieve some independence. Often socially immature. Self-awareness — having an inner image of self, realizing that one is a person separate from the others around one — may exist from here on, but is not guaranteed to exist as it depends on more than intelligence alone. The most intelligent non-human animals, such as some crows, chimpanzees, bonobos, parrots, and dolphins, are in this range. Bonobo or chimpanzee I.Q. scores are sometimes even quoted as high as 80 or 90, but those are childhood age-peer scores that correspond to adult I.Q.’s of only just over 40. ”


      • Watching the videos on YouTube of Crows solving puzzles is deeply scary, so I know that they are smarter than most people.

        We have Crows and Ravens here in Santa Fe all year round, and the Ravens especially are constantly laughing at me, telling me to “See what’s important.”

        I’m sure that I have said this before, but I was turning into the grocery store parking lot, my driver’s side window rolled down, and I noticed a shape to my left. I looked and a Raven was coasting along beside me, at eye level.

        I said, “Yeah, right,” and looked away as the Raven peeled off, laughing at me.

        • James Blish’s 1972 MIDSUMMER CENTURY posits a world 25,000 years in the future where humanity, having never left the mudball, suffered multiple civiliization collapses and is is struggling to survive against evolved birds. Dmzrt money is on the birds.

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