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  1. There was a period in the English subtitling of B&W Japanese samurai flicks where you could trace the presence of a particular translator. When the hero was suffering his latest setback, when his enemies appeared to be triumphant and his cause lost, when his comrades were dropping all around him and all appeared hopeless, someone would appear to him and say something in Japanese, the subtitled rendering of which I now share with you:

    “Buck up!”

  2. …blogging while coughing is probably not the ideal combination for clear thinking or rapid recovery.

    I can name at least a dozen bloggers (not PG!) and major-news-outlet “opinion columnists” who — on the basis of their typically congested, muddle-headed thinking and prose that makes me cough — don’t care about that first part of an ideal combination.

  3. What they say…

    Take care, have a hot toddy (or equivalent) tonight, and don’t worry about the New Year; take a few days off if you need. (I’m selfish – I want another year of the wit and wisdom.)

    I do wonder if you were made vulnerable by the extra work put into quelling the bogus DMCA notices.

  4. Second the motion.
    You almost certainly have no shortage of reading material but if you want a history tome with a rather unusual angle, there is this:


    Explains a lot.
    The US has been “messing up” the global status quo for two centuries and counting.

    Oh and…

    HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody!

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