Microsoft’s Azure ‘leads the pack’ as the top managed AI service in the cloud

From Windows Central:

If there is one thing that is painfully obvious to most of us long-time fans of Microsoft, it is that they are not a consumer-facing company but an enterprise-facing one. While that might be less than ideal for those of us looking for the latest and greatest in innovation for Surface devices, Xbox hardware, or even a revival of the long-dead Windows Phone, Microsoft’s push towards an enterprise-only mindset seems to be paying off, especially in regards to Azure AI services for large corporations.

In a recent study published by WIZ, the cloud security firm takes a deeper look at adoption rates of managed AI services in the cloud of over 150,000 cloud accounts. There are quite a few key items to take away from the study, but what stood out the most was the explosive adoption rate in just the last 6 months and Microsoft and OpenAI’s dominance in the market. Let’s look at some of the data from the report and see just how well Microsoft’s AI push is paying off.

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“Over a 4-month period between June and October 2023, the total number of Azure OpenAI instances observed across all cloud environments grew by a whopping 228% (with a ~40% month-over-month average). For comparison, the average instance growth in the same period for most other Azure AI Services (such as Text Analytics and Bing Custom Search) was only 13%.”

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As we have all seen in the headlines, Microsoft’s investment in AI is paying great dividends to its investors and driving its value up so high it’s now the most valuable company in the U.S. 

While I’m not ecstatic about Microsoft leaning so heavily into enterprise solutions, they are using their free consumer-facing Copilot as a driving factor of enterprise adoption through word of mouth and general buzz, and it seems to be working. 

Link to the rest at Windows Central and thanks to F. for the tip.