Missing in Action

PG was careless with a boxcutter a few minutes ago and discovered he has excellent circulation at the tip of his right index finger.

It has required two layers of Bandaids to prevent PG from dripping here and there. Touch-typing with a clump of bandages on the tip of “Pointer” is more than a bit frustrating.

(PG has used at least a week’s worth of back-spaces for this message.)

Therefore, PG has declared Pointer and his squad to be missing in action for today.

3 thoughts on “Missing in Action”

  1. Maybe it’s time for PG to move to mostly using Canary cardboard cutters such as this:

    Although I do have two different Canary cutters (the one above, and a retractable one), I don’t always use them – my feeling is that box cutters with sharp blades (e.g. Olfa) are faster, but the Canary is definitely safer and does give more control (if you want something other than straight cuts).

  2. Ouch! Hope it heals quickly – and doesn’t repeat.

    As I taught my kids, it’s not IF the knife slips you need to worry about, but WHEN. Where will the blade go then? They ALWAYS slip sometime, and it’s never convenient. Thanks for the reminder.

    Sharp knives are bad, but dull ones are worse for causing accidents.

  3. I got zinged by an x-acto knife this summer. I had borrowed it to open something and didn’t realize what kind of blade it was. As you say, hands bleed profusely. I now have a rather nice scar to remind me of proper tool-handling safety.

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