“More adults use it than Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok or Reddit”: How LinkedIn is increasingly driving content discovery for publishers

From What’s New in Publishing:

At a time when publishers are moving past seeing social media platforms as traffic drivers, and even a major publication like BuzzFeed News shut down because of a sharp decrease in Facebook referral traffic, LinkedIn is giving publishers a reason to smile.

According to AOP’s latest survey, Digital Publishing: Outlook and Priorities for 2023, LinkedIn is currently the leading choice for publishers to drive content discovery.

Unsurprisingly, 44% of B2B publishers are dependent on LinkedIn, investing in the platform to promote their content. And while consumer publishers invest across multiple off-platforms, LinkedIn maintains a leading position, coming in just a hair behind Facebook overall when it comes to driving content discovery.

And while Facebook is still the leading source of referral traffic, its importance as a referrer for news sites has been declining.

“Publishers are coming round to the potential of the platform”

Echobox’s latest white paper on 2023 Social Media Benchmarks also paints a similar picture about LinkedIn’s growth and increase in referral traffic. 

“Year on year, the number of people using LinkedIn grows; and year on year, more publishers are coming round to the potential of the platform, not only for recruitment, but for content distribution,” the report states. 

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3 thoughts on ““More adults use it than Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok or Reddit”: How LinkedIn is increasingly driving content discovery for publishers”

  1. for many, LinkedIn is not a social site where we go to look for news, it’s a way to hunt for a job. until you can bask out job hunters from those numbers, you really can’t say how big it is for the news/chat type of thing

    logging in to LinkedIn once a quarter can just be ‘maintaining your rolodex’,

  2. Many business owners are on LinkedIn and some authors, too. LinkedIn has changed over the years and no longer is boring. I love LinkedIn as a nonfiction author who offers services. I was so grateful that I had been active on LinkedIn when my Facebook account of 12 years got hacked. Much of LinkedIn’s news is business related. LinkedIn has brought me important connections, being guests on podcasts and other opportunities, readers for my books, and is how clients have found me. Like any social media, it’s important to learn the platform.

    • no disagreement that LinkedIn can be used for more than just job hunting, but I believe that the majority of users there are there only for job hunting, so claiming that it’s bigger than other dedicated social sites needs to take this into account.

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