5 thoughts on “More Noel Coward”

  1. Thanks for this PG, a nice variation from the music I’ve been listening to of late.

    I’d not heard the Carmen McRae version of Mad About the Boy before and it was rather good: of course she only sang about 20% of the lyrics – but this is par for the course for this song – and she did pick the best two of the four refrains, though it’s a pity she did not do the first verse. (A Room With a View was also missing its verse but in this case this is no real loss.)

    • Thanks for the link Judith. I think “tour de force” is right, though it also helps explain why we normally get truncated versions of the song (or maybe I should say “the four songs”?) As one of the comments said (paraphrasing): it’s a pity she didn’t do the prostitute as well.

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