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Mrs. PG came home from the hospital today.

It was a pre-scheduled spinal surgery and all went well. If the results are as anticipated, she will have a lot less back pain than she has experienced during the last several years.

A longtime friend brought over a lovely dinner this evening, which was good for everyone’s morale.

There are some post-op treatments for which PG will be her driver and personal assistant, but he thinks he’ll have time for the odd blog post while Mrs. PG naps.

He will mention that she’s anxious to get back to work on her next murder mystery. She calculates that the first draft is about 30% complete and she will keep PG occupied with some plotting sessions even if she’s not able to go out to lunch for a few days.

She is definitely a fully-committed author.

3 thoughts on “Mrs. PG”

  1. Thanks for the kind words here and in emails.

    Mrs. PG is sore today, but is receiving phone calls from healthcare folks to monitor her progress and suggest ways of minimizing her pain.

    Others are coming to Casa PG this afternoon to help her as needed.

  2. I applaud Mrs PG for her enthusiastic, hands-on approach to research on the challenges of postsurgical recovery, which no doubt will work their way into her next book (or perhaps the one after that). Hopefully, the rehab process will be sufficiently manageable that she will be able to take detailed notes concerning her “research” during the process.† Hopefully, PG will ensure that favorite desserts and other refreshments are easily available after each session (because if he doesn’t, There Will Be Consequences).

    † The first time, mine was/would have been (no notes would have been really necessary, as I’d been around enough of them previously); the second time and third times, not so much.

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