Murders in Oxford – Making Amends

PG mentioned Mrs. PG’s latest book release about a month ago, but didn’t really carry out his obligations as the husband of an author by doing a proper job introducing it.

His earlier post celebrated the fact that the first book in Mrs. PG’s latest series of murder mysteries was ranked #1 for sales among all Kindle ebooks, at least for a few hours before dropping back to #1 in Historical Mysteries. As those authors who self-publish via KDP know, the rankings of top-selling ebooks can be quite volatile.

Since Mrs. PG has just started a one-day 99-cent ebook price promotion on her latest book today, PG is going to (finally) do his spousal duty with respect to a book about yet another murder involving usually non-violent Oxonians during the 1930’s Jazz Age.

The book is titled, Murder at Tregowyn Manor: A Golden Age Mystery.

It is the third in a series of mysteries set primarily in Oxford.

(Oxford, England, not Oxford, Mississippi, although PG has nothing against Mississippi or the University of Mississippi which is located in Oxford. Local accents do differ between the two Oxfords, however.)

Once again, the book features Miss Catherine Tregowyn, a poet who teaches at Somerville College, and Dr. Harry Bascombe, her beau, who does the same thing at Christ Church College.

Tregowyn Manor is the home place of Catherine’s family in Cornwall. As English parents were wont to do in the 1930’s, Catherine’s parents think she should get married. Catherine is not quite ready to do so and is not the sort of woman to be pressured by anyone to do anything she’s not completely ready to do.

Catherine has mixed feelings about Tregowyn Manor. Her older brother, the golden child of the family, died when he was young and her parents never invested their emotions in either Catherine or her younger brother. The financial assets of the family were greatly diminished during the Great Depression.

Usually calm and a little boring, the atmosphere around Tregowyn Manor changes when an architectural dig on the property locates a Roman settlement, earlier than any other in this part of England. Plus are some priceless Roman artifacts and the possibility of more. An international collection of archeologists are digging up the grounds and some are temporarily residing in the Manor house.

Catherine, her friend, Dot, and Harry arrive in an effort to clear Dot’s cousin, an Oxford student working at the dig, from criminal charges alleging he has stolen one of the artifacts

Of course, somebody gets murdered. Then, Catherine’s father has his first experience with the inside of a local jail cell.

As mentioned, Mrs. PG is running a one-day 99 cent promotion today on the ebook edition of her book.


PG apologizes for not being more clear about the end-time of Mrs. PG’s promotion. It was one day – yesterday, October 7, and ended at midnight. He’ll be clearer about when Mrs. PG’s price drops end in the future.

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  1. I’m sorry to say that these are not my cup of tea, but I do think you are on to something with the cover art – compared to past releases this look very nice. I’m not too sure about the title font, it’s a bit informal for the image, but I would suggest applying the same image look and feel across her line if it’s possible.

    • Second the font change.
      Maybe something from the art deco era?
      It would be more period appropriate and a better fit for that very nice graphic.

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