4 thoughts on “New Whodunit Movie”

  1. It’s a great trailer. And I’m always a fan of Daniel Craig. However, it’s directed by Rian Johnson who injected politics into the last Star Wars movie. I’m wary of this film now, but I’ll be anxiously awaiting the reviews.

    • Rian Johnson is dead to me. He is both incompetent and nastily proud of it. I will never willingly watch any film or television episode that has any connection with him, and I am even cheering for his ex-agent to win his lawsuit.

      Which of course makes him the perfect victim for a whodunit. Possibly one where he is killed more than one extremely painful way. So that would be the one exception to my rule.

      (I did watch the trailer. Sigh. He is not good at humor, so why does he try? And the actors are wasted. Not a career enhancement move.)

  2. From the look of the trailer, Knives Out tries too hard to be cute with dialogue. I shall wait until it hits cable.

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