North American Booksellers Join Pubeasy in Record Numbers

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From Publishing Perspectives:

A record number of North American booksellers have joined Pubeasy in 2020, according to an announcement from MVB US, which operates Pubnet and Pubeasy North American services and is a subsidiary of Frankfurt-based company MVB.

The Pubeasy platform is an online ordering service which allows booksellers to place orders directly with publishers. Publishers pay to be on the platform, but the service is free to booksellers. The Pubeasy site says that “booksellers receive a better discount” when ordering direct from publishers, rather than ordering through distributors or wholesalers.

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So far in 2020, the company’s media messaging indicates, more than 750 North American booksellers have joined Pubeasy, representing a 600-percent increase over 2019.

In addition to Pubeasy—which offers current price, stock availability, and order status information from multiple suppliers in addition to electronic ordering—MVB markets Pubnet. That service “enables automated electronic ordering from the retailer’s point-of-sale system.

Taken together, the two services are engaged by more than 4,100 bookstores in more than 100 countries, connecting them to at least 3,500 publishers, conducting transactions based on global standards. MVB reports that it’s now planning a market entry in Brazil for both Pubnet and Pubeasy.

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Ronald Schild, MBV CEO in Germany, is quoted, saying, “Especially in these difficult times, efficient order management is extremely important for both bookstores and publishers. Supply chain issues such as inventory shortages and shipping delays make it necessary to have reliable visibility into the status of your orders at all times.

“The trend toward bundled, automated processes is thus further strengthened, as is clearly reflected in our user figures for Pubeasy and Pubnet.”

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