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Not Editing New Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

13 October 2015

From Dean Wesley Smith:

I edited Star Trek: Strange New Worlds for ten fun years. It was a wonderful project that helped fans and new writers tell Star Trek stories. I was very proud of the work I did on that and the fine writers I was lucky enough to buy stories from.

This new incarnation is a scam to suck new writers into one of Simon and Schuster’s vanity publishers. Avoid this contest at all costs. More below.

. . . .

This will be short and sweet.

  1. No I am not editing or have anything to do with the new Star Trek: Strange New Worlds contest. I have not been asked, even though I edited the first ten. Standard for traditional publishing.
  2. Even if asked, I would not help them in any way because of the two first place prizes which gives some poor, beginning writer without a clue free publication of their non-Star Trek book in one of the vanity presses that Simon and Schuster own. That disgusts me more than I want to think about.
  3. The entire contest, from what a few who got letters told me, is a come-on to beginning writers for their names to be pushed to the vanity presses. Sigh…
  4. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Write your own stories. In the long run you will be so much better off.

I hope that’s clear.

Sad that such a wonderful project that lasted for ten years is being destroyed by corporation greed and the desire to take advantage of young writers. The Star Trek franchise should be ashamed of itself.

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16 Comments to “Not Editing New Star Trek: Strange New Worlds”

  1. Hmm, another sign of a shortage of submissions?
    (I would hardly have expected STAR TREK to run out of hopefuls.)

    Or maybe the existing deals with Author Solutions aren’t delivering enough victims?

  2. Whether or not the Star Trek franchise is aware of what Archway represents, they’re ultimately responsible for any tarnishing that may result. If their metaphorical finger turns green from this, they have only themselves to blame.

  3. Vanity press just casting a wider net — what group will they try next?

    • @ Allen

      “— what group will they try next?”

      LOL. Mebbe they’ll start posting here on TPV!

      (And, um, mebbe they already have — under their avatars, natch. DBD comes to mind…)

  4. People are all excited over getting to write ST fan fic again, but I’m not buying it. Why do I need a “contract” with some scammy publisher, with the lofty sum of $1K for an advance, just so I can see my hard work wasted?

    I used to write ST stuff for my brother’s club zine, and I’d love the chance to do some more in that world, but not like this. I wish Amazon could have gotten the franchise for their imprint for other’s worlds, but I guess it’s too late now. 🙁

    • I wish Amazon could have gotten the franchise for their imprint for other’s worlds, but I guess it’s too late now.

      Unfortunately, both Star Trek and Simon & Schuster are owned by CBS Corporation, so it was never going to happen. Which is really too bad because CBS could have made a lot more money letting people put up their fan fic through the Amazon Worlds program. There was a lot of great stuff I read in the ’70’s and 80’s.

      • Thank you for the reminder. There was stuff from that time that I always wanted to read, but they never had them at the library (out of print). I see they’re on Kindle now.

        It’s disappointing that Star Trek went with the scammers.

  5. Scams: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Simon and Schuster enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new revenue sources, to seek out new wanna-be writers, to boldly exploit the Star Trek name.

  6. The 10 grand prizes aren’t so bad. You get a $1000 and your story in the book. The two first “prize” winners from Archway is the dubious one. I think writers who enter should shoot for the grand prizes and decline the crappy Archway first prizes.

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