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Nothing stinks

20 October 2019

Nothing stinks like a pile of unpublished writing.

~  Sylvia Plath


4 Comments to “Nothing stinks”

  1. …except a novel cranked out by a hot celebrity.
    (Need we name names?)

    Careful not to drown tbe next time it rains.

    • Well you need to name names if I’m going to have any idea whom you are referring to, and even then I probably won’t recognise the name given my aversion to celebrity culture.

      Were I to ever contemplate buying such a book I’d first want to know who the ghost writer is. There is no inherent reason a celebrity novel should stink unless the hot celebrity actually wrote it themselves (which I trust their PR team would put a stop to, unless delusional vanity prevailed).

  2. I’ve never smelled Nothing nor an unpublished pile of writing, so I wouldn’t know if she is correct.

  3. Well, unlit gas ovens stink, too.

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