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The reason that posting has been a bit irregular in recent days is that, after their Covid vaccines kicked in, PG and Mrs. PG entered one of the vehicles that has spent most of its time in the garage of Casa PG and turned on the cruise control.

After a period of time, they arrived at the home of one of their offspring who, in turn, has several offspring of her home.

PG will attest that grandchild therapy is an excellent treatment for a condition PG’s father used to call, “Barn Sour.” When an animal, generally a cow/bull/steer or a horse, is kept in a pen in the barn for too long, that animal will become listless and fail to thrive.

The treatment for barn sourness is to let the animal out of the barn into a corral or other space where it has the opportunity to move and interact with a variety of other animals. Even an older large animal will sometimes kick its back legs in the air and trot around a bit before settling down to the serious business of sniffing as many other animals which will hold still for that greeting/examination.

Like an old barn sour bull, PG has rejoiced in being freed from his Covid barn to kick his back feet in the air. He has not noticeably spent a lot of time sniffing his grandchildren (grandsons who have been permitted to roam about generate a sort of sweaty boy smell, particularly if they have been able to somehow avoid a bath the night before), but he has enjoyed interacting with grandchildren of both genders.

The image at the top of this post is a photo of a group of guard animals arrayed across the entrance to PG’s and Mrs. PG’s bedroom. PG was unable to ascertain exactly what threats they’re guarding us from, but since only pleasant experience have occurred since their first appearance, PG expects that is an indication of their efficacy.

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  1. That’s interesting.

    I’m working on a novel right now where the little girl has plush toys like that, and she does not have to physically touch them to have them move.

    – Did you see children place them in a row, or did they line up on their own when you were not looking.

    – You do realize that the third plush toy from the left, the Leopard?, is looking right at you while you take the picture.

    The Story was started because of a past TPV entry, from 21 June 2018, that has strangely vanished from the web. Even the Wayback Machine doesn’t remember it.


    resistentialism, n.

    The theory that inanimate objects are hostile to humans; hostility manifested by inanimate objects.

    1948 P. Jennings in Spectator 23 Apr. 491/1 Resistentialism is a philosophy of tragic grandeur… Resistentialism derives its name from its central thesis that Things (res) resist (résister) men… Resistentialism is the philosophy of what Things think about us.

    1996 C. H. Elster There’s Word for It! (2005) 246 Even my well aware of the sinister power of resistentialism… Not long ago I heard her crying from another room. I ran to her aid and found her frowning at a chair. ‘That chair bumped me.’


    My comment on the entry was:

    I ran to her aid and found her frowning at a chair. ‘That chair bumped me.’

    Deeply terrifying. I suddenly see tons of stories to go with that. Thanks…

    Then there is of course:

    Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium Theatrical Trailer


    The Story I’m working on now is not about the inanimate objects acting out, but of them being part of the little girl. Like fingers on her hand.

    Looking at the definition again, I need to write those stories as well.


  2. They’re all pointing their “barn-smell generators” into the room. It’s insistent counterprogramming for the barn smells of those who’ve been cooped up in the barn for too long.

    Just ask a four-year-old niece about that. That’s what she said.

    • C.E. – My granddaughters would never ever even think of barn smell generators (although I’m sure one is going to get mad at something a boy says in her class and clock him any day now).

      I’ve definitely been cooped up for way too long, but try to take a shower every day even if the watter runs black into the drain.

  3. When the lockdowns were in full swing, my parents decided to tag along with me to see my niece and nephews. I had created a “lockdown activity pack” for them (a comic book and manga, plus blank comic books and colored pencils, coloring book, and sticker sets).

    By then my parents had gone several months without seeing their grandchildren, so they eagerly joined me in making and delivering the care package. If an alien had observed the visit, I think they would have concluded the following: older humans require doses of vitamin Gk — grandkids; little humans require doses of vitamin Gp — grandparents — in order to be healthy and happy.

    The Stuffed Animal Protection Brigade is just so sweet and perfect 🙂

  4. C. & A. – Barn Sour is the real deal in cattle and people.

    That said, Mrs. PG keeps a close watch to make certain I don’t generate odd odors despite my barn sourness.

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