On the Brink of a Nervous Breakdown

For visitors to TPV from outside of the United States, a great many people in the US are displaying characteristics indicating high stress levels due to the current election for the Presidency.

PG is, of course, as placid as a summer stream.

However, so far as PG has observed, a great many commentators on the book biz and writing in general appear to be in a state of suspended animation, looking at their televisions/smartphones/tablets, etc., or, perhaps anxiety-texting, so PG has not found much new content of interest to authors so far today.

He’ll do further looking from blogs operated by people who live outside of the US to see if he is able to unearth anything.

In the meantime, a bit of Rolling Stones.

4 thoughts on “On the Brink of a Nervous Breakdown”

  1. This highly cynical shark is not actually a fan of the Stones, but then one of his first concert experiences was one of Keith Moon’s last. But there are other choices from the Stones’ catalog that seem much more appropriate and reflect the reality of elections decided by people over a thousand miles away.

    Or you could just try some REM sleep. (All links are to “official” videos — that is, authorized by someone claiming authority.)

    This shark was an officer of the United States (including the better part of a decade as a Voting Assistance Officer) and an accredited election observer, and therefore feels entitled to his cynicism.

  2. Thanks for the video PG. A nice reminder of my life in the 60s when a stonking new Rolling Stones single burst out of my radio every few months. These were the days where the rock single still reigned supreme and you really didn’t need to worry about the LPs.

    And it was fun – but a bit easy – to guess what CEP’s “other choices from the Stones’ catalog” would be, but I listened anyway.

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