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19 April 2019

The Passive Voice is a blog about books, authors, writing, publishing, etc., but PG is pleased to learn of open access policies by a couple of large art museums whereby the museum offers high-quality digital files of art for which copyrights have expired.

This first item is from The Cleveland Museum of Art, titled “Twilight in the Wilderness” and painted by Frank Church.

https://clevelandart.org/art/1965.233 Click on the image for a larger version

From the description of the painting by the Museum:

In his New York studio, Church painted this spectacular view of a blazing sunset over wilderness near Mount Katahdin in Maine, which he had sketched during a visit nearly two years earlier. Although Church often extolled the grandeur of pristine American landscape in his work, this painting appears to have additional overtones. Created on the eve of the Civil War, the painting’s subject can be interpreted as symbolically evoking the coming conflagration.

Link to the rest at The Cleveland Museum of Art

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2 Comments to “Open Access”

  1. What a gorgeous painting! I so love sunsets. 🙂

  2. What a wonderful resource!

    I grew up in Cleveland so I am especially pleased with this!

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