Plague Authors are Crushing It

From Women Writers, Women’s Books:

I recently heard someone refer to writers who have released books during the Covid era as “plague authors.” As a member of that illustrious group myself, I found that term spot on. No sugar coating, no euphemism, just telling it like it is. And my friends, let’s be clear: releasing a novel into a world where people are generally consumed bv much larger, more important, legit concerns than whether you can tell a good story is no easy feat.

While all the rational people out there are watching the headlines, figuring out appropriate precautions, muddling through complicated thoughts about politics, the economy, religion, health, and life as we know it, we plague authors are all like, “but, my book….”

And yet. 

I’ve made sure to tell everyone I know that my second novel, That’s Not a Thing, came out on April 14, 2020, which was the height of the pandemic in my home state of New York. The book, which is a love story set in New York City, felt like the perfect love letter to my floundering city. Even so, I wasn’t sure how or whether to promote it or if I should simply crawl under a rock and wait out the madness. 

Luckily, some of my sister authors had the good grace to release wonderful fiction during this same period, which has so greatly helped me to temporarily escape my own fears about the pandemic, my professional success, the germs on my groceries, the education of my four children, and what type of protective gear I would require before ever stepping foot on another airplane.  

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