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4 February 2019

Today was not just another Monday at Casa PG.

A quantity of water refused to disappear down a drain despite PG’s most strenuous efforts to persuade it to do so. Had PG been billing by the hour for the time he spent trying to make the water go away, he could have probably afforded to hire a plumber.

Fortunately, one of the nicest men in the world lives a couple of blocks away from PG. Among his many other virtues, this friend knows how to fix anything around the house. PG called him up and he promptly showed up with a bag of tools.

In about 15 minutes, the friend was able to make the water begin its long trek back to the ocean while having a nice chat with PG about avoiding future problems of a similar nature.

PG proposes a toast to all kind people who know how to solve the problems we do not ourselves know how to solve. He can fix many things, but would rather deal with electricity than waste water.

PG also apologizes for posting a bit less today.

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7 Comments to “Plumbing”

  1. lifts cup

  2. I (used to) get called if there are wires attached – or just wires. 😉

    • As indicated in the OP, wires don’t bother me as much as water does.

      I’m confident that, if I shut off the connection between the electric company and my house, no electricity will leak through.

      OTOH, there’s no way I’ve discovered to shut off gravity and, once spilled, water automatically proceeds in a downward direction, looking for any possible path, no matter how small, that will take it closer to the center of the earth.

      • I just meant that I was also one of those “Hey! Can you take a look at this?” types. Happily most of it didn’t concern getting my hands wet. 😉

  3. No thanks. I can see where water, or hydraulic fluid, or brake fluid (different stuff in large airplanes) is coming from and going to. I can’t see free-roaming electrons.

    I’ll take wet-stuff for $400, Alex. 🙂

    And yes, raise the glass high to people who can do things, fix things, and make things.

  4. Desmond X. Torres

    Well, there’s another side to this. Being ‘Handyman! With Tools Of Steel!’ I’ve done countless emergency repairs for friends, neighbors and family members. (Former Plumbing/Heating contractor).

    Being ‘that guy’ is deeply rewarding. It’s a shot to the ego. Wastewater stoppages are usually the easiest to fix and bring the biggest appreciation.

    The second one at this time of year are frozen pipes! LOL

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