Poem about the Loss of Love by Copymatic

In the quiet of the night,
The pain of loss seeps in.
Memories of what once was,
Now twisted with chagrin.

The laughter, the love,
All now distant dreams.
The emptiness surrounds me,
As I try to hold back screams.

The hurt is all-consuming,
A fire that won’t subside.
No amount of tears or time,
Can bring back what’s died.

The way your touch felt,
The magic of your kiss.
All of it now a memory,
Lost in the abyss.

I know I must move forward,
Though it seems impossible now.
Through the pain and the heartache,
I’ll somehow find my way out.

I’ll cherish what we had,
And hold onto the good.
But in this moment of loss,
My heart feels misunderstood.

So I’ll mourn what once was,
And slowly find a new way.
Hoping that someday, somehow,
Love will come back to stay.

PG says William Wordsworth and Dylan Thomas are secure in their reputations. Ditto for Dickenson, Keats, Wordsworth, Whitman and Hughes.

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