3 thoughts on “Poetry”

  1. PG! I was reading a review of the new kindle scribe and thought to myself I’ll bet PG can’t wait to get his hands on this.

    Then I realized I haven’t been receiving your newsletter since JUNE!!! I don’t even know what happened. You are my favorite newsletter of all and I’m always following links you share. I am quickly resubscribing and hopefully whatever screwed up putting your newsletter in my email box is fixed.

    And I will now search your site and see if perhaps you have already acquired a scribe and what you think about it.

    • Sorry about the newsletter, Debbie.

      I’m not certain what I did or didn’t do to cause the WordPress plugin that I’ve used for a very long time for the newsletter to die, but I’ll work to get it fixed or find a replacement.

      I’m happy to receive recommendations from any visitors to TPV for a decent WordPress newsletter/email plugin.

    • I’ve definitely looked at the Kindle Scribe and considered it. The reason for my consideration instead of an immediate purchase is that my Kindle Paperwhite is usable only for reading text and I’m concerned that additional capabilities might trigger my locally-famous tendency to go off on a frolic of my own instead of staying on task. I also have an iPad I use for inputting info, but am frustrated by how slowly my fingers type compared to a regular keyboard. On a couple of occasions, I’ve taken a small and thin wireless keyboard with me on trips so I can use it with my iPad when I’m not taking a laptop computer with me.

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