Predictions for Journalism 2022

This content has been archived. It may no longer be accurate or relevant.

From Nieman Lab:

Newsrooms, social scientists, public health professionals, and librarians unite

“We’ll see more attacks on public institutions — libraries, universities, school boards, news organizations. They’ll be hard to parse and hard to think about as connected.”

Melody Kramer

. . . .

Audience development roles broaden further

“We’ll mitigate the risks of our often uneasy relationships with Facebook, Google, and Apple by further doubling down on diversifying our audience sources and cultivating direct relationships with readers.”

Sarah Marshall

. . . .

Audience engagement ≠ community engagement

“Newsrooms won’t find the key to any of this in their analytics.”

Ariel Zirulnick

. . . .

We remember the importance of face-to-face reporting

“It might let you glimpse that almost imperceptible frown on your source’s face when you ask a question.”

Alice Antheaume

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