Presidents Day

Today is Presidents Day, a national holiday in the United States.

Generally, the traditional publishing world shuts down on major holidays, so PG isn’t certain what he’s going to find to post about today. However, he’s happy to receive tips and will keep his eyes open for items originating elsewhere in the Anglosphere.

4 thoughts on “Presidents Day”

  1. Last week, I found a 1909 VDB penny (the same one that the Curiosity Mars rover uses to calibrate its camera) in very fine condition, just in normal circulation. You can bet I’m celebrating!

  2. There are no recurring National holidays in the U.S. “V-E Day” was one; “V-J Day” was another. There have been a couple more of them since. “Presidents Day” is a Federal Holiday, when most Federal offices are closed and most Federal workers get the day off. States are free to observe those holidays or not, as they choose. One or two (or a few) Southern states, for example, did not initially observe “Martin Luther King, Jr. Day” as a holiday. Several states presently do not observe “Columbus Day” as a holiday.

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