Progress, but no blogging today either

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PG woke up feeling like he had been in a rotating cement mixer with 50 pound weights falling randomly on him. It will be another day until he’ll feel like bouncing back.

Nobody’s dead and nothing but a bit of skin was broken. More places were bruised or looked like someone had used a wire brush on some parts of PG’s otherwise perfect body, but PG and Mrs. PG mostly feel extraordinarily exhausted.

In order to get to sleep last night, PG looked up legal cases involving escalators and discovered that he and Mrs. PG had gotten off lightly. Fingers, hands, toes and feet had been amputated. Believe it or not, that made PG feel fortunate and sleepy.

PG is not planning to sue anyone, but, in future, he is definitely going to focus on the escalator he is using instead of thinking, meditating, drifting, etc.

And he’s going to identify the location of the emergency stop button as he approaches the escalator so he can be prepared to press it instantly if he sees someone having problems on the escalator. According to his reading, most escalators, at least in Western countries, typically have an emergency stop button, often red, near both the bottom and top of each escalator.

PG expects tomorrow to be another, better day.

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