Proof of Life

Rumors of PG’s demise have been greatly exaggerated.

The move from Casa PG to Casita PG has been all-encompassing.

Mrs. PG and PG had lived in Casa PG for about 24 years. For six years prior to that, large organizations that employed PG paid for all moving expenses, including boxing everything up, hauling it to a new location, then unboxing and placing items hither and yon at Mrs. PG’s direction at a new and larger abode.

It’s amazing how much stuff has accumulated when one hasn’t really culled one’s possessions in any meaningful way. PG located some boxes that had not been opened in over 25 years. They went into one of the three large dumpsters the PG’s filled in preparation for their down-sizing.

We are in the new place and PG wishes he had paid for unboxing. From PG’s present location, he can see twelve sealed boxes, two unopened file cabinets and some random lamps yet to be plugged in. There are many more unopened boxes in other rooms. PG and Mrs. PG have been eating out for a great many meals since the kitchen has yet to be unboxed.

PG is anxious to blog because TPV is one of the few parts of PG’s life that hasn’t completely changed. When his hand is not cramped from too much boxcutter time, he’ll be posting.

2 thoughts on “Proof of Life”

  1. Well, moving could be called a “little death.”

    I was not concerned that you had departed this life (barring a pile of boxes collapsing). I am surprised (and gratified) that you are once again active here.

  2. When that large organization foots the bill, just about anything can be moved. Mine moved us from the US to Saudi Arabia. Ten years later, they moved us back. Back in the US, I directed things I didn’t recognize into the full basement.

    Ten years later, I was footing the bill for the move. Like you, I found fourteen boxes that had not been opened for twenty years. They found a resting place in the dumpster parked in the driveway.

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