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Publisher to Netflix: Choose your own trademark

11 January 2019

From Fast Company:

Black Mirror creators may have wanted viewers to choose their own adventure on Bandersnatch, but they ended up somewhere unexpected—in a lawsuit with the owners of the “Choose Your Own Adventure” trademark.

Chooseco, LLC, the publisher behind the “Choose Your Own Adventure” series and owner of the trademark, has filed a lawsuit against Netflix over the immersive film Black Mirror: BandersnatchThe Hollywood Reporter reports. According to the suit, it’s not that Netflix didn’t realize the phrase “choose your own adventure” was a trademark; it’s that it wasn’t able to secure a license from the company and used the phrase anyway.

“Chooseco and Netflix engaged in extensive negotiations that were ongoing for a number of years, but Netflix did not receive a license,” states the complaint, per THR.

. . . .

And as a result, Chooseco argues, the Choose Your Own Adventure brand was sullied by being connected to the intensely bleak show.

Link to the rest at Fast Company

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