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Pulp Classics

28 January 2019

PG just discovered Pulp Classics. Click on the covers.



Link to the rest at Pulp The Classics


4 Comments to “Pulp Classics”

  1. Lots of cigarette personality on those pulp covers.


  2. Hmm. I initially thought the pulp covers were just turning actual covers into pulp-like editions, except I didn’t know there was a cover of “Pride and Prejudice” that had Colin Firth on it.

    That said, I do think the publisher might want to put a disclaimer on the books so that someone will not be misled about what they’re getting. “Lock up your daughters” isn’t something one would say about Mr. Darcy. Put such a tagline with Mr. Wickham on the cover, sure. Or maybe the John Willoughby character from “Sense & Sensibility”, if the PBS/BBC movie is true to him (I haven’t read that particular book). Otherwise, this gag would be a masterclass in How the Wrong Covers Get You One Star Reviews on Amazon.

    • Your comment made me smile. You’re right, Mr. Wickham (and John Willoughby – the movies/TV shows generally get the character right) are more true to the Rake type. However, they’re not the hero of the book. They’re not the ones the girls sigh for. They’re not Colin Firth. 🙂

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