Reactions to Ingram Spark Post

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PG has received several emails from visitors to TPV after his post of Mike Shatzkin’s article about Ingram Spark.

While the emails are are in no way a reflection of Ingram Spark’s performance pro or con, each of the emails PG has received describe in detail unsatisfactory experiences of indie authors/small presses with Ingram.

Feel free to share your experiences, good or bad, in the comments or, on a non-public basis with PG via the Contact PG link at the top of the blog.

2 thoughts on “Reactions to Ingram Spark Post”

  1. Can’t speak to their retail operations, but I have printed several hardcovers with dust jackets for special projects and they came out quite nicely and shipped in reasonable time-frames. I’ll be interested to hear other experiences pro or con.

  2. A lot of self-pubbed authors may not be aware that if they choose expanded distribution on KDP, any bookstore can order their book. However, the bookstore will likely only do that if a customer orders and prepays because there are no returns. If one has their heart set on a bookstore stocking their book, Ingram Spark allows returns. The reality of a bookstore discovering and stocking that author’s book is another discussion.

    There are plenty of KDP vs. Ingram Spark comparisons out there like this one:

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