Social Sharing

At the request of a visitor to TPV, PG has installed a social sharing plugin that permits any visitor to TPV to send a link to any post to a variety of online locations or email a link to any recipient.

This particular plugin is nice because it’s very lightweight and easy to install, configure and run.

However, the sharing plugin won’t show any sharing links unless you open a post. In other words, if you’re scrolling through one post after another on the blog, you won’t see any sharing links in the column of posts.

PG isn’t sure how he feels about this. Please share any thoughts in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Social Sharing”

  1. I think it looks great! Would you mind sharing a link to the plugin? Or even just the name?

    For my use-case, not having it on the home page articles is fine. I typically use an RSS reader and open individual posts I find interesting, so this works.

    Thanks PG!

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