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Sometimes it just feels right-

5 October 2014

A Kickstarter success story – Napa Bookmine.



View the the store here.




Books in General, Bookstores, Kickstarter

2 Comments to “Sometimes it just feels right-”

  1. Bookoff, Japan’s largest used bookstore chain, has several stores in the U.S., including here in California.

    I’ve taken books, CDs and DVDs there to sell, and their selection of used books and media is fantastic. It’s win-win all around: sellers get cash on the spot for their used stuff and readers get a great shopping experience.

    Their store in Gardena is Japanese books and media only, but the one at the Del Amo Mall is for English-language used books and media. It’s a very effective business model.

    • Sounds a lot like Half Price Books. They will take anything you bring in if it’s stuff they buy, but won’t pay much for most of it. They will tell you which stuff they don’t want, but offer to recycle it you don’t want it either.

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